What is La Niña Santa?
It is a tale about good and evil, not about the confrontation between good and evil, but about the difficulties in distinguishing one from the other. A story about the dangers of differentiating good from evil.

Why this interest in religion in this particular moment in history and in a society so alienated from what is truly religious, so desacralized?
I am interested in the Catholic religion because it is my religion; it is where I learned a way of thinking, a system of thought where the sense of things, the sense of one’s existence, reveals as a certainty. The trust in one God that has arranged a plan for everything, where things are organized towards an end. But when through different means one reaches the conclusion that such an Architect does not exist, in those terms at least, that this existence is much more mysterious and less justified, it is inevitable to feel rather helpless. Helplessness is not something sad as long as we understand that we take back the reins of our own existence, as well as its responsibilities, such as the administration of justice.

Why does La Niña Santa take place during a medical convention?
There is something between medicine and holiness that interests me. The sick bodies and the healthy bodies. The lepers of Job, where God and the Devil hide. The saints sick from saintliness and their miraculous cures. The wounds of stigmata and the concept of the Passion. The doctor of the soul. The sick so sick that they look like monsters. In ancient times the appearance of a monster, somebody physically malformed, was a sign of the divine. The monster, the one that shows, that reveals divine intentions. Monsters have mutated with time and then came the degenerate ones, those without the Arian standards, the serial killers dressed in human skin, the poor in general who represent a menace with their monstrous needs. We are a monstrous species that betrays all that is foreseeable. Generations and generations of freaks that do not allow us to give anything for granted, that should oblige us to review the laws all the time, to think again about the meaning of happiness, about the possibility of finding a sense of happiness sufficiently diverse so as not to leave anyone out, to see each newborn as an infinite mystery of possibilities. La Niña Santa is a sort of surgical story that intends to draw a line between live tissue and moral prosthesis.

US realeases:

Opens in New York on April 29th
Opens in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco on May 13th
Opens in Boston on May 20th
Opens in Washington DC and San Diego on May 27th
Opens in other cities later this spring.
Please check your local theatres for further information.

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